7 Days Trial Package

You can try to look forward to the 7 days trial packages which are very simple to use where you can also get some good basic health tips. You would be able to find that the meal plans are not only delicious but also balanced and well seasoned that helps in losing your weight effectively making it possible to bring a good change in your lifestyle

Price: 1000 INR


You do not have to starve yourself or follow any sort of monotonous diets and you can get this package for Rs 1000/- only. We also do not suggest you any sort of strenuous exercises as well but brisk walks is recommended by us where you need to do it for at least half an hour daily. This would help in a good way to keep the metabolism active. In just 10 days, you can lose up to 2 kg. Once you are really satisfied, you can try to upgrade your package at any point of time.

Upgrade Your Package

When you find that you have got the best result within 7 days of joining, you can put your best foot forward to upgrade your trial package and that too without any additional cost as well. We provide you with the option of upgrading your package to monthly or quarterly package. This would help in a good way to save much on your pocket. So make your best effort to upgrade your package to get the maximum good benefits.