90 Days Diet Package

If you are really concerned about your overweight problem and wish to see yourself slim and fit then you should definitely try to opt for 90 days packages. This package can help you to lose your weight up to 10 kg. You would be able to find that our diet plans are very effective that helps in controlling your appetite in the best way. With affordable price, you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket at all.

Price: 7,500 INR


The price for the 90 days packages is Rs 7500/- only. This diet package would help you to get the best results getting back your beautiful body back to shape. We do not prescribe any sort of medicines or monotonous diets where we provide you with a food option every 2 hours. It would also make you feel energetic and light in the course of time. During the 3 months period, you can try to take short breaks of 3-4 days in case of emergency. This would help you to live healthy in the perfect way.

Upgrade Your Package

When you are fully satisfied with the best and effective results within 10 days of joining, you can try to look forward to upgrade your package to half yearly or yearly. You also do not have to pay any extra amount of money for it. With the help of our expert dietician, you would be able to get all the knowledge on the benefits of various food ingredients. This would make you stay fit and healthy throughout your life.