About Us

Diet Clinic is a fortified team of expert dieticians under the guidance of our valued mentor Dietician Sheela Seherawat who is nationally acclaimed.

Diet Clinic was established in 2006 with the respected mission to help people in losing weight simply and effortlessly.  Here we are putting the extreme efforts to make your goal simple and achieve faster without any starvation. After we have developed a scientific approach for healthy weight we have gained an esteem position in the society offering healthy weight loss plans as well as therapeutic diet plans.

A healthy diet is considered to be perfect combination of foods from all food groups. We here follow certain techniques with tools which help you to trace your weight. We always confirm that all our patrons get the special attention from our competent dieticians who attend you to let you have an ideal experience.

The prime concern of the expert team of Diet Clinic is to offer healthy weight loss diets to the every common man at reasonable price and just not to retain it limited to the richer class only. We propose a stress-free and delicious balanced diet menu to all our clients that perfectly suits your body type as well as lifestyle.
Dietician Sheela Seharawat is the prime founder of the valued idea of healthy weight loss for which the Diet Clinic has emerged out as the one stop destination to lose weight. We here help people live healthier life and to eat right throughout as well. Diet Clinic has grown and has reached to the people in different States in India due to its continuous success and with public demand.  Many people are nowadays taking help from Diet Clinic through its centers along with online operations. We have a list is more than thousand valued customers, who have learned the simpler and better way to weight loss with us. 

At Diet clinic, we do care for your living as better with no substantial changes made to your current lifestyle. We do not prescribe any medicine or supplements. Diet Clinic had been functional with different corporates and had facilitated their employees to lead a healthy life with a healthy diet. 

Nowadays plenty of fast weight loss solutions are available in the market like pills and diets equipment that acclaim to help you lose weight fast and without much effort. But these so called miracle weight loss plans are not really a worthwhile option as they have not been scientifically proven. 

Diet Clinic Program puts complete effort on your body as a whole and advices you with a diet plan that will not just make you stay fit, but feel healthy too to enjoy the lifestyle the best. 

Join us today for joining yourself & lose weight in the simpler way.